Hi, I’m Matt Blair, and this is my little corner of the Internet.

I live in San Francisco, California with my wife, Morgan Brunelle and a lot of other animals. I was born in 1987 in Brooklyn, New York, grew up on Long Island, and moved to California in 2011.

I turn coffee into computer programs at Figma. Previously, I spent five years at Flipboard, eventually leading the site reliability engineering team. Before that, I attended Cornell University and Stony Brook University’s Southampton campus, where I met my wife.

I program as a hobby outside of work. I also like to run, bike, ski, snowshoe, ice skate, listen to progressive trance music, and read science fiction. My other interests are pretty well captured on my Flipboard profile and my Twitter timeline.

A couple of my recorded technical talks are online; one was at HBaseCon, and the other was at a RethinkDB meetup.

This site’s source is on GitHub.


Contact: Feel free to email me. My mobile number is 631-987-3706, and I’ll rely on you to use that appropriately.

If you need to contact me privately, please use my PGP key, which is on pgp.mit.edu and Keybase.